Investor's Title Search

For real estate investors, especially those looking to invest in short sales, foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, or any type of properties, visit


Know What You’re Investing In

That house that is selling for $50,000 and should be worth $100,000 might seem like a great deal but what if there are also $50,000 worth of liens, judgments, taxes, and other debts on it that you did not know about? Doing some proper due diligence before making an offer at that auction or to that distressed homeowner could mean saving yourself some serious money and headache later on.

“Investor’s Title Search” is a title search geared towards real estate investors. It will reveal who the legal owners are and what kind of debts they have attached to their property that the homeowners might not even know about themselves. You get what you need to make a better decision without giving you excess information that will likely be useless to you. We recommend ordering a comprehensive search (full search) if and when you are ready to actually purchase the property.